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Client GCI
Year 2018
Role Designer UX/UI
01 —

See digital as a great added value.

GCI (Générale Continentale Investissements) is one of the leading investment companies in France with a presence on the market since 1975. Managed independently, GCI focuses on real estate and asset management. This group also owns many properties that it renovates before selling them. In order to attract a large number of potential buyers for its latest green building (called The New One), GCI will try to increase its added value by equipping the building with digital tools. To achieve them, the group will seek the help of Likeweb Agency.

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02 —

Social network at the office.

During my second year internship at Likeweb Agency, I worked on one of the digital tools offered to GCI. My mission was to think and produce the user interface (UI) of a mobile application intended exclusively for employees of The New One building. Indeed, it was intended to allow its users to become friends, exchange messages, public or private, or keep informed of future events taking place in the building. A kind of mini social network for employees of companies residing in this building...

03 —

A luxurious but intuitive user interface.

For this project, only one constraint had to be respected: the graphical interface had to have a luxurious tone. So I took up the primary colours of luxury, namely gold, black and white. For the creation of the logo, I proposed the geometric shape of the diamond which, in communication, expresses the transmission, which we want to protect from the outside world. The form therefore seemed to me to be quite adequate. On the other hand, this application had to be in the era of time. So, I proposed that the displayed blocks be rounded with a slight drop shadow to make it more interactive.

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