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Client Offit - School Project
Year 2018
Role Product Owner / Designer
01 —

Analyze the company, his service & needs.

Offit is a new service for sports coaching and well-being in companies. The company organizes and leads physical activity sessions for small Parisian agencies. Each session takes place directly on the agency's premises and is supervised by a sports coach, and is limited to 10 participants. Two types of physical activities are offered: "fitness" (cross-training, circuit training, running) and "well-being" (yoga, flexibility). After a quarter of testing with pilot customers, Offit wishes to communicate its service to large Parisian companies in order to increase its notoriety.

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02 —

A product for them, not for me: think User Centric.

As part of a three-week team project, we had to respond to this call to offer and set up a digital device relevant to Offit's activities as well as a communication plan to announce the national launch of Offit. The biggest constraint was to think user centric by putting the user at the center of our reflections without being able to analyze the different behaviors of the user in front of the proposed product.

03 —

If a digital tool is not used, it is useless.

After studying the relevance of each digital tool, we proposed different deliverables to Offit. On one hand, the creation of a mandatory website so that companies can book sports sessions for their employees at work. On the other hand, areas for improvement for social networks have been suggested in order to make Offit's visual identity as professional as possible. And finally, in order to increase the company's notoriety and generate a visit to the website, we proposed the launch of an event in Paris open to the public that would feature employees participating in a sports session at the office.

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