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Client School Project
Year 2017
Role Graphic Designer
01 —

The visual identity, a symbol of the heart of consumers.

The visual identity is perceived as an original personality and a unique character, which brands expose visually through different graphic elements. For its advertising campaigns, Nike has offered its audience a graphic style that enhances the brand's identity, such as perseverance and surpassing oneself.

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02 —


As part of a school project, we had the mission to create an advertising poster for the new HYPERADAPT Nike shoe. The main constraint of this poster was the theme of the advertising: PUT THE FUTURE AND TECHNOLOGICAL ASPECT IN OUR CREATION WHILE RESPECTING THE VISUAL IDENTITY OF THE BRAND.

03 —

Compliance with brand codes, an obvious fact.

Looking at many of the brand's advertising posters, I noticed that they still have similar characteristics and are recognizable by everyone. Starting with the unicoloured backgrounds on which is always placed, in the centre of the poster, the product that Nike wishes to highlight. This product is then retouched in order to convey to the public that it is not ordinary but rather extraordinary. So I decided that the shoe would be propelled by a natural push, giving the impression that it flies over the ground in a natural way. This, in my opinion, responds to the constraint of the futuristic aspect mentioned above. Of course, Nike advertising requires the use of the Futura font, an essential feature of its visual identity.

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