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Client School Project
Year 2019
Role Product Owner / Designer UX/UI
01 —

Excellence as a Legacy.

Since its creation in 1849, the spirit of Pauline Moynat and her commitment to excellence in craftsmanship have been the foundations of the House. Today, as 168 years ago, each bag is made in France by the same craftsman, who thus controls all operations. This hundred-year-old know-how is used to create contemporary creations and thus perpetuates the Parisian spirit that has made the House's reputation.

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02 —

New digital era, new target.

The Moynat brand has succeeded, over the years, in building loyalty among its customers aged 45 to 54. Today, it wishes to approach a new target group, namely the 18-25 year olds. Indeed, Moynat wishes to focus on these people for the simple reason that young women have become a priority target for all major luxury brands. They spend large sums of money on appearance and fashion. The brand therefore contacted us in the framework of an educational project to study the target, find insights and thus bring a viable solution / innovation while keeping the brand's codes.

03 —

From rarity comes envy.

As project manager and UX/UI designer, my role was to supervise a team dedicated to the creation of a mobile application aimed at reaching the 18-25 target. Design Thinking allowed us to understand that it is the ephemeral that makes a concept attractive to younger people (social networks, internet, etc.) . We thus proposed to the brand a process that combines both luxury and ephemeral sales. The idea? That once a month, a UNIQUE product is only up for sale for 24 hours.

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