Jumanji Picture1
Client School Project
Year 2017
Role Graphic Designer
01 —

In memory of a classic.

For the release of the film Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle (2017), I had to work on a new one-week school project. It was the subject of creating a poster for the film Jumanji. However, this was not the 2017 film but the 1995 film directed by Joe Johnston with the famous and undisputed Robin Williams as Alan Parrish. This was our first constraint.

Jumanji Picture2
02 —

Imagination in Olly Moss' style.

The main constraint is focused on the style of the poster. Indeed, we were instructed to propose something in Olly Moss' graphic style, a legend of the movie poster design world. This one also has his own style. By reinventing cinema posters, this imaginative artist creates minimalist film posters that are full of genius, creativity, subtlety and details that illustrate in the simplest way possible the subject of the film put forward... He plays intelligently with shapes and shadows, all with a very inspired graphic style of his own.

03 —

Imitate the graphic style of a genius.

In order to best meet the instructions of this project, I first studied Olly Moss' style. What makes his genius is indeed to know how to use forms that will have a double meaning that is not visible at first glance. Once the shape and features of the main character have been drawn, in my case Alan Parrish, you have to be able to inlay subtle details into it. So I decided to take the main place where the film takes place, the house, and the inlay inside my character's face before adding the other protagonists of the film. Alan's beard and hair are used to illustrate the house as it turns into a real jungle. This illustration has been entirely realized on the Illustrator CC software.

Jumanji Picture3