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Client FFSA
Year 2019
Role Project Manager / Designer
01 —

Sport accessible to everyone.

The FFSA (Fédération Française Sport Adapté) is an organisation that develops, coordinates and controls the practice of physical and sports activities for people with mental, intellectual and/or psychological disabilities. To offer everyone, whatever their desires, abilities and needs, the opportunity to experience the passion of sport.

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02 —

No communication, no partners ! No partners, no championships.

The FFSA wanted to organize two championships of France of nation adapted sport and adapted sport athletics. However, as their communication was not finalized, they could not obtain new partners for these championships, which would take place in July 2019. The association was therefore called upon us to provide them with support (partnership file, posters, website, social networks, etc.) and a communication plan. Then, my team and I contacted the potential partners to convince them to sign with the FFSA.

03 —

Pride in working for a just cause.

As a project manager and graphic designer, my role was to supervise a team dedicated in giving the best of itself, to find and contact potential partners for the championships, to manage the agreement between the client's wishes and the advice given by my team but also to produce designs in the tone of the sport so that the partners are convinced of the association's credibility. Our main motivation? To allow everyone, disabled or not, to live the passion of sport.

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