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Client School Project
Year 2018
Role Project Manager / Designer UX/UI
01 —

The morning newspaper, a thing of the past.

With the advent of the Internet, blogs and social networks, getting information has become as simple as tying your shoes. A topic typed on Google or Twitter and we are filled with articles matching our search. However, we only read one or two articles because often they all say the same thing. In addition, another cause appears in the decrease in newspaper sales: the fact that we are only interested in the ONE (in general). There is therefore no need to buy the newspaper because we can find the subject on the internet.

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02 —

I don't read anymore, I just inform myself.

Many people claim to read newspapers a lot when they are just consulting a few condensed articles on the Internet. With the rise of Youtube, even these summaries of articles are not enough to convince us to read the news. This is why, during a school project, my team and I wanted to think and produce a digital tool capable of restoring a taste for reading information.

03 —

Everyone will be able to make their own newspaper.

Ephemeral... This mobile application allows the user to choose the topics that fascinate him/her in order to create his/her own diary. Thereafter, the user will be able to view full articles on each topic and receive notifications when new articles are posted online. What is the main feature of this application? The items disappear after 24 hours. This makes it possible to arouse the desire of the user who will want to read the article as soon as it is published so that he or she does not miss the information. The application therefore works on the principle of an Ephemeral, this butterfly whose life span is 24H. The larva tab when the information has just appeared and no item is available yet, a butterfly tab where all the items are located and finally, the fire tab where the user can see the items that will disappear within the next hour.

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