Dream It Conventions

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Client Dream It Conventions
Year Present - Freelance
Role Graphic Designer / Communication Project Manager
01 —

You dream it, we catch it.

As convention organizers, our goal is to make film fans around the world dream by organizing magical encounters with their favorite series/film actors. The principle? Invite between 8 to 15 international actors to travel to the City of Light to meet their fans for a whole weekend in a warm atmosphere.

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02 —

A project based on communication and customer relations.

I was first recruited by this organization as a freelancer consultant then intern to improve their communication on social networks and at events by proposing new marketing strategies. I also redesigned and developed the agency's new website. What had to be analysed when this project was launched was the ever-increasing frustration that the core target (18-25 years old) could have because of our direct competitors. We absolutely had to offer a new customer experience.

03 —

Invest as if it were his company.

This role apart from the rest evolved. I am now a graphic designer and I am in charge of designing the TV series posters that will be presented to announce an event. The company also assigned me the role of communication project manager, head of staff and event organizer.

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